Your catamaran cruise in the Caribbean

Heading from Martinique or Saint Lucia, design your own cruise in paradise! 

 at the shades
in the sea
islands an ilets to discover
shades of blue

  Get on board with us ! 

c, the ideal place for the perfect holidays.
Cruising a catamaran is certainly the best way to enjoy them !
Design your own cruise! Take advantage of our perfect knowledge of the place and compose the cruise that suits you. Upon your arrival, the captain will inform you of the forecast weather conditions and advise you on the best spots in order to get you the most beautiful cruise of all.
Only the catamaran allows you to swim in a different pool every day or to spend the night in wild moorings and to find yourself surrounded by dolphins as travel companions.


With us, you decide ! 

Better than a catamaran rental with a skipper, you come on board in our home, just like in a guest house..and in our house, you are in charge !
We also organise pickups from the airport !

Here you are not limited to a packed tour, instead, we welcome you to your own tailor-made sailling holidays !

Here is an example of a possible 11-day / 10-night Grenadine cruise with the idea of discovering St. Lucia, St. Vincent and most of the Grenadines. Remember, this is only to give you an idea of ​​what can be done over such a period of time. On this basis, rest assure that we will adapt to you and your rhythm !

croisière en catamaran dans les grenadines

Exemple of a 11 days / 10 nights cruise

Le Marin, Martinique, it is 6PM, the sun goes down, the sky is adorned with gold, you embark aboard our catamaran. Half an hour later with a cocktail in hand, you watch the sun diving into the ocean, the holidays begin! The stars and the moon witness the silent progression of the boat, let the journey begins now!

When you wake up, you can contemplate the majestic Pitons de Saint Lucia unless a pod of dolphins comes to steal the show. You enjoy this first stop to contemplate the tropical fish and multicolored corals or you will discover the magnificent Diamond's Garden and the volcano Soufriere.

The next day, time almost stretches ...The boat imposes its rhythm. The charm of the sailing cruise operates! We approach the very natural island of Saint Vincent, after a stop in the Pirates landmark at Wallilabou Bay, we reach the South of Saint Vincent and anchor at the shelter of the small island of Young Island.

On the morning of the fourth day, we take the sea in search of Mustique, the island of billionaires with crystal clear waters. We arrive in the Grenadines archipelago where each island defies its neighbor for the title of the paradise island!

carte des petites antilles-Grenadream

The next day, our catamaran anchors at Mayreau. Your camera overheats, the memory card is full and you decide to dive into this emerald water to join this beautiful white beach of fine sand to find shelter under a coconut tree. Later, you venture inside the island to the colorful bar of the village.

On the sixth day, we anchor in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, on an isolated island, no bigger than a point on a map ... Morpion! It is almost unreal and dreamlike. The seabed is beautiful. A stone's throw away, the island of Petit-Saint-Vincent welcomes us for the night.

The next day, the green turtles are expecting us in the prettiest Caribbean lagoon ... the Tobagos Cays! The view from the top of these small uninhabited and wild islets is breathtaking! Only the smell of lobsters on Roméo’s barbecue take you out of this dream! In the evening, we decide to stay there for an extra day or going to Union Island.

On the ninth day, Bequia and its grandiose Admiralty bay welcomes us for our ascent to the North. The walk around the village, the swim, the view at the top of the fort, the local atmosphere, the aperitif at the whalers bar at sunset, ... the Grenadines deploy all their charms to hold you back!

Back to St. Lucia, in the haven of Marigot-bay. For some of you, discover the seabed where gorgonians dance to the rhythm of the swell, for others, relaxing day at the marina... and for everyone finish the day in front of the barbecue to eat the fished tuna during navigation!

Eleventh day, you eventually leave us in Martinique promising to come back!

Séjours plus long...? 

Vous disposez de plus de temps...Tant mieux !   

Que ce soit pour augmenter votre nombre d'escales, avoir plus de temps de farniente, de découverte, s'offrir une excursion pour explorer l'intérieur de Sainte-Lucie ou Saint-Vincent, profitez d'être sur place pour passer un niveau de plongée, ... 

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Discover the possible stops in the Caribbean 

Picturesque, full of charm, wild and  paradisiac, ...

Grenadines islands

The Grenadines archipelago, 32 main islands and a myriad of islets ... to offer a revisited version of paradise!


Martinique, Madinina or the Island of Flowers is one of the jewels of the West Indies. An island with exuberant nature, black and white sand beaches with rum and spices.


Saint Lucia

The exceptional Caribbean island Saint Lucia is a pleasure for the senses, it reveals sumptuous landscapes, scents, sounds and activities for all tastes. From exploration of majestic mountains, endemic flora and fauna to the beautiful beaches lined with palm trees on the sunset, ... 

Saint Vincent

Forget the vast resorts that hide coconut palms, luxury shops and beaches lined with large asphalt walks. In St. Vincent, the waters are in a shades of blues and the island is green and wild!

catamaran grenadream


The best way to discover the Grenadines is the catamaran. It will allow you to access the wild creeks as well as the best spots!

Stable, spacious & marine, the catamaran offers a much better amenity to a monohull sailboat.

Our catamaran is fully equipped for you to have a pleasant stay.

sunset catamaran

Our Offers

Privatize the catamaran to live an extraordinary adventure with family and/or friends.

Or you choose an all-inclusive cabin to meet other passionates of travel.

C'est vous qui décidez de votre croisière !
Choix des escales et du temps sur place, vous façonnez la croisière qui vous ressemble !

martinique colibri


Our passion puts us in direct contact with the natural elements.

We can no longer ignore that our actions have a impact on our environment.

Aware of the stakes, at our own level, we act!

Give another dimension to your next holidays !

Join us and live incredible moments