living the real life in the tropics !

What an enchanting place! Martinique mesmerises visitors with its beautiful beaches, a climate that warms the skin all year round, the smell of spices from the local markets and especially its rum, a true elixir of prestige on an island that awakens your taste buds.

Discover this amazing island with a catamaran and live an incredible experience   !

All roads lead to rum !


White rum, brown sugar, lime


Rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, goava juice,passion fruit juice, limes, cinnamon, brown sugar

In Martinique, rum is drunk at any time of the day !

  • Le décollage : before breakfast, the first of the day 
  • Le  didico : at 10 o'clock with a little snack 
  • Ti-punch : just before noon
  • Le ti’sèk : to digest lunch
  • L’heure du Christ : at 3 pm
  • Le ti’pape : at 5 pm 
  • La partante : just a last one before leaving your friends and going to bed 

marché de Sainte-Anne


One of the largest mooring spots of the Caribbean in front of the beautiful beach that the Club Med has partly taken over. This is surely one of the most beautiful places to catch the sunset. Depending on the season, the sun sets on the majestic Diamond Rock ! Sainte-Anne is a pretty little town. There is a typical Creole church, colourful houses, an accessible path with a viewpoint on the whole bay. There is a covered market with everything from flowers, spices, punch and flavoured rums.

Les salines

The beach of Salines is the picture perfect beach postcard and can be found in all Martinique travel guides. There’s a long strip of sand in the shade of coconut trees. We spend a day there to enjoy swimming, coconut sorbet, exploring the mangrove or going for a walk to admire the “Savane des Pétrifications.”


Plage des Salines - départ de la savane des pétrifications
Anse d'Arlet Martinique

Anse d'Arlet

The catamaran is in the midst of green turtles in front of an elegant Creole town. A very beautiful underwater trail allows you to admire the tropical marine fauna.

Grande Anse Arlet Martinique - ti-sable

Grande Anse

As its name indicates Grande Anse is a vast and pretty bay. A very nice diving site for snorkelers. Diving clubs on the shore allow you to explore the deepest waters.

Sunday evenings are particularly lively with the famous concerts of the restaurant Ti-sable.

Anse Dufour Anse Noire Martinique

Anse Dufour and Anse Noire

Separated by a rocky outcrop, Anse Dufour, with its white sand contrasts with Anse Noire black volcanic sand.
Turtles are common and the corals are worth getting into the water for. The charm of these little coves is indisputable.
We can admire the surrounding vegetation that grows on this dark basalt rock that looks over the Caribbean Sea.

Anse Mitan - Pointe du Bout - Trois ilets

Anse Mitan

Located downwind of Pointe du Bout, this mooring spot close to the Trois Ilets is quite busy. If the bay is very popular with "land" holidaymakers who like to come to get a tan, "marine" holidaymakers prefer other wild, exclusive places. However, Anse Mitan is a good base for a day visit to Fort de France with an efficient shuttle service and a nice place to spend the evening in various restaurants and tourist bars.

le Vauclin - Petite Grenade

Vauclin-Petite Grenade

For those who do not want to settle for the Caribbean coast and want to venture on the coast with wilder winds, the mooring spot of small Granada offers a good shelter.
On the other hand, far from the usual cruising routes, it’s calm during the week when there are no local motor boats.

Martinique Croisière Montagne pelée


The stopover in Saint-Pierre is quite different from the clichéd Caribbean cruises. There is no turquoise water beach shaded by coconut trees.
Nonetheless, we can discover this city which used to be the prefecture of Martinique before the horrific eruption of Mount Pelée. The site is the start of the most beautiful hiking trails on the island!

Carte Sainte-Lucie - Saint-Lucia map
carte des Grenadines - Grenadines Islands map The Grenadines
croisière dans les grenadines, nos destinations
Saint-Vincent map
carte de Grenade - grenada map